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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daddy Dates

daddy date1
There are several things I like about my man.


And by several, I mean oodles.

But there was a little something he did recently that made me like him even more.

He took the six youngest kids, from 3 of 8 on down, on an afternoon excursion.

A Daddy Date.

Leaving 1 and 2 of 8 and I home to revel in the quiet.

I really like that guy.

Michael took the crew out to a gorgeous state park about an hour outside the city, a merry compilation of climbing rocks and icy fresh streams and hiking and splashing and sunshine. Perfect fodder for wearing out energetic, wild children.

sony spring '10 116
My understanding when they left for their adventure was that they would hike and eat snacks. I don't think anyone mentioned swimming.

sony spring '10 121
But I can prove by the sandy wet clothes left in the back of the van that there was at least some sincere wading. And then there's the photographic evidence.

sony spring '10 123
sony spring '10 126
Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with you here...this is starting to look a little more involved than 'wading'.

sony spring '10 125
Exactly what is the dividing line between 'wading' and 'swimming in the only clothes you brought with you with no towels or swimsuits or dry underwear'? I'm a little confused.

But by any definition, a Daddy Date is a beautiful thing.

Even when you stay home.

In the quiet.

While the kids hang out with Daddy in the sunshine...wading.

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