Julie Lyles Carr: Sweet Sixteen

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

This one turned Sweet Sixteen last week.

2 of 8.

A decade and a half and one more year.

Such is the height of my algebra skills.

It's interesting, the way various cultures designate certain birthdays as significant. Bat mitzvahs, quincenaneras, all rights of passage. I would guess that 16 became a big birthday because of driver's license laws.

I'll have to wikipedia that.

At our house, for most of the kids, whether 16 or 6, the celebration remains consistent.

It's All You Can Eat Crab Night.

As in, stuff as much steamed crab and butter into your little birthday face as possible.

Except for 4 of 8. She's not a shellfish lover.

Which simply means, more crab for the rest of us.

2 of 8's precious friends put together a surprise party for her. We kept her birthday with the family pretty low-key, only to let her be shocked when we all hit a restaurant a couple of nights later with all her buddies there. It was such a sweet time, watching her enjoy friends and laughs, making Sweet Sixteen memories.

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Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl. You show us daily the beauty of a content spirit and inspire us with your self discipline and drive. Your compassion, heart and joy are such a blessing.

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