Julie Lyles Carr: Tetris Twins

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tetris Twins

I loved playing Tetris back in the day.

Loved it.

And apparently is was a good training ground for figuring out how to keep eight kids and all their stuff somewhat arranged in a certain amount of square footage.

Though there are many days that things looked more 'piled' than 'arranged'.

We've recently begun the process of moving the twins upstairs with their siblings. We had made our first floor study their nursery. It worked well to have them on the same floor as mine and Michael's bedroom. But as they've gotten older and as our work-from-home loads have increased, it was time to play a bit of Homemaking Tetris. Michael and I were officing out of corners in our closets, sections of the dining table, squares of kitchen counter. It was less than efficient...or organized...

The boys have the largest bedroom and my original thought was to put 8 of 8 in there with them and to put 7 of 8 in 6 of 8's room, moving 4 of 8 in with 2 of 8, continuing to allow 1 of 8 to have her own room.

Did you keep up with all that?

Me neither.

But once we got the twins' beds and some of their clothes upstairs, I realized that they still wanted to stay together, particularly at nap and bedtime. So we shoved them both in 6 of 8's room, the walls lined with bunk beds and cribs and dressers and a Barbie townhouse.


Twin style.

And I have to admit, I was thrilled to see them want to stay together.

They've been such little individuals, right from the start. She outweighed him by two pounds, he blond, she brunette. They nursed on different schedules, slept on different schedules, developed on different schedules.

So when they clung to the same nighttime routine and to each other, it seemed to me validation of their twin bond.

But Tetris Times, they are a-changing.

Over the weekend, 8 of 8 decided he wanted to sleep in the boys' room. He curled up with his big brother, feeling all Big Guy and fell asleep.

And 7 of 8 didn't throw a fit that he wasn't in the crib next to hers.

They'll be three next month.

They are growing.

They continue to be very different little people.

And despite my romanticism of the twin bond, they are bonding more closely now with their other siblings. Which is good. Which is a joy to see happen.

But I'm going to keep an eye out, in the middle of this Tetris tournament. Because I saw how these twins fit together on a fuzzy ultrasound screen, the day we found out there were two babies in my womb. I've heard them chatter in their own little dialect, and I remember hearing their hearts beat in synchronicity through the doptone.

I'm always looking for the Tetris fit of their twinness.

And always looking for the borders of their individuality.

And trying to let them work out the specifics of their bond.

Ah, twins.

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