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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I was all set to compose a post this morning, birds singing, hot coffee in hand.
Well, hot coffee in a mug, not in my hand. With the mug on the desk next to my computer.

You understand.

But before I could compose, I had to go play a little round of Octamom Parking Lot.

It consists of the three drivers of the house all arriving home in the evening at different times and parking in front of or behind one another in the driveway. This must be done with care. It is extremely important the last person to come home also be the last one who needs to leave in the morning.

Otherwise, there would be no opportunity for Octamom Parking Lot. And what's the fun in that?

So as 1 of 8 was needing to leave to go to class and I had strategically parked the van behind her so as to have a rousing round of Octamom Parking Lot this morning, I grabbed my keys, donned my fuzzy red robe with polka dots and headed out to move the van.

We did our auto dance, 1 of 8 was on her way and I then pulled back into the driveway.

Whereupon I activated the parking brake.


Because at some point last week, the lever by which one would release the parking brake decided to up and resign. And become detached from its home under the dashboard. And to dangle by its cable.

So I've been very careful in the intervening days to not use my parking brake since it seemed doubtful that I would have a chance to un-use the parking brake.

But I was a little low on coffee this morning and went on and pressed down the parking brake, at which time my brain finally caught up with what my left foot was doing and began screaming, "No! No! We've already talked about this! I told you over and over last week: Do Not Activate the Parking Brake!!!!"

Oh. Yea.

And I'm supposed to leave here is a bit. To go teach Bible study. And then to have a ministry meeting. And then to head to the dance school. And at some point procure groceries.

Which is a little difficult if your vehicle will only go 10 miles an hour because you're busy destroying your transmission and rubbing the tread off your tires while you drive.

That's where this thing Al Gore invented, this internet thingy, comes so in handy.

'Cuz I was able to google search "I lost my mind this morning and accidentally pressed down on the parking brake pedal when I knew good and well that I had a serious brake issue as in I had no way to un-press the parking brake pedal because the release lever thingy is dangling and I have a ton of things to do today which require driving and so what do I do now?"

Or something along those lines.

And the internet thingy took my query and offered my a banquet of solutions and this is the one that worked.

Morning saved.

Although, given the time, I may end up at Bible study in my orange pj's and my red fuzzy robe.

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