Julie Lyles Carr: The Twins vs. Mr. Clean

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Twins vs. Mr. Clean

Yes, I've been mothering a long time.

Yes, I've picked up some skills along the way.

But this twin thing, my 7 & 8 of 8 cabooses, well, they're kicking my hiney.

Particularly my housekeeping hiney.

I thought I had experienced the messes a bunch of kids could make.

But these twins?

They are just particularly gifted.

And grubby.

Dare I say, they are Olympic in their efforts.
I blow through boxes of Mr. Clean Erasers every week. Boxes.

From about the fout-foot level up at my house, things aren't too shabby. But anything within the twins' arm reach down? Yikes.

Mr. Clean and I? We spend a lot of quality time together.

Crayon, mud, high-jacked mascara marks on the baseboards, Hot Wheels car tracks along the drywall, popsicle juice cemented to the tile~that's where Mr. Clean and I get cozy. A lot. I'm starting to think that there should be such a thing as the Mom Olympics...no, no, wait...the Octamom Olympics. Points scored for number of messes cleaned in a day, boxes of Mr. Clean erasers used, form, distance, artistry...I'm on to something, don't you think?

See that little box-thing-a-ma-jiggy down there? In the spirit of Olympics moms, check out some of those stories. Give a thumbs-up to your favorite. Team Moms. Hey, if curling made it into the Olympics, surely Baseboard Scrubbing should be an event.

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