Julie Lyles Carr: The Bigger Lesson

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Bigger Lesson

While we were at dress rehearsal last week in preparation for the big dance recital, one of the families from our dance school got a very unexpected call.

Their house had been struck by lightning and was currently burning.

And just like that, the bigger lesson about why we gather together as people and why we develop relationships and why those connections are so important and precious became crystal clear.

Dance Recital became something transcendent beyond performance.

Families from the dance school kicked it into high gear, donating clothes, toys, household goods, money, time.

2 of 8 helped organize a bake sale.

People were incredibly generous.

And while we still hurt for the affected family and want to continue to circle around them, in the lives of the kids at the dance school, there was a powerful lesson learned through this situation.

Through their compassion and care and cookies, they learned that a small dance community can have a big heart.

A bigger lesson, indeed.

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