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Monday, May 3, 2010

Game Changer

6 of 8/comp.

We are in the deep depths of Dance Competition Season.

Hence my late post this morning.

It's exhausting to sit in a dark performing arts center for hours and hours and hours over a weekend.

While 2 of 8 has been competing for years, yesterday marked 6 of 8's entry into the ring.

She was a rather wary participant.

6 of 8 is perhaps the most naturally gifted of the dancers at my house. She just gets it.

Her hips don't lie.
6 of 8/dance comp.

However, she's also my most blase dancer. It hasn't been a passion for her. It's something to do on a Monday afternoon. She likes the costumes.

But in general, she can take dance or leave it.

Until yesterday.

Because yesterday, at her first competition, she discovered trophies are involved.


As in, her own personal trophy.

She named it 'Platinum'.

And she cradles it like a baby.

And she thinks that dance competitions may have a place in her life.
6 of 8/dance comp.

Trophies named 'Platimun'.

They can be a game changer.

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