Julie Lyles Carr: More Faces

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Faces

I keep telling myself that I need to do the twins' 3-year-old 'portraits'.

As in, groomed hair, ironed outfits, beautiful backdrop, soft light.

But I'm thinking these candid 'portraits' 3 of 8 captured during their birthday party capture the season better.

7 of 8 with her bangs in her eyes. 8 of 8, always on the move, always in blurry focus, always with Buzz or Woody by his side.

And their siblings and friends...

AT with her freckles and infectious grin.

Our baby-fix-next-door, JB, and his huge chocolate brown eyes.

6 of 8's goofy humor.

There's a time and a place for those manicured, coiffed, pressed pictures. But it's these photos that tell the real story, the fun, the mess, the sugar-loaded antics of a little birthday party.

In all of its sticky, homegrown, messy, imperfect perfection.


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