Julie Lyles Carr: Mystery Memory Card

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mystery Memory Card

Back a few weeks ago, we came across a random photo cd that held several treasures.

I'm back to obsessing on that find.

That little elf up there in the baby sling is 6 of 8.

Yes, she was that cute...and her eyes were that big (still are) and her ears were that, ah, alert (still are)...

6 of 8 was one of those babies like your neighbor has, happy, content, sleeps well, is generally pleasant.

I've had a couple of those kind of babies.

And those are the babies that are dangerous because they get you to thinking, "Hey, this is great. Babies are happy and cooing and sleeping and content to play with their toes. Maybe we should have passel more..."

Just know, that in my experience, these kind of babies are generally followed by less cooperative babies.

Just to keep things even.

I found a disposable camera the other day. I'm itching to get it developed. Who knows what treasures could be hidden within its celluloid?

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