Julie Lyles Carr: Ready, Set, Dance!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ready, Set, Dance!

It's the sweeps week of the dance season.
The days leading up to Recital.
Full dress rehearsals.

rehearsal 2
And the scramble to find all the parts and pieces that go to all the costumes.
Case in point.
We arrived for the first dress rehearsal, me feeling like such a seasoned mom. After all, this is my sixteenth recital season.
Sixteen years, people, of Spring Dance Recital.
I pulled into the parking lot, grinning to myself at the newbie recital moms frantically dragging costumes and kids out of their cars.
"So cute," I thought. "They're so nervous. Newbies."
That smug sensation lasted for approximately 1.2 seconds, whereupon I realized that we had left 6 of 8's bright green innertube, a prop for one of her dances, sitting at the house.
Whereupon I went into frantic, nervous, newbie mom mode.
Thankfully I have big kids who can drive and everything.
And can serve as transport for bright green innertubes.
Is it 'innertubes' or 'intertubes'? My spellcheck doesn't like either of these options.
My spellcheck doesn't even like 'spellcheck'...ironic, no?
4 of 8 had no props...so I didn't forget hers.
2 and 5 of 8 have their dress rehearsal tonight and then we hit the Performing Arts Center over the weekend for a recital extravaganza.
Don't worry.

I'm putting the green innertube/intertube in the van right now...

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