Julie Lyles Carr: The Botox Verdict

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Botox Verdict

We head in next week for 7 of 8's second round of Botox to her left arm.

It's that little arm slightly crooked in the above picture.

This time, we're (and by 'we're' I mean the neurologist...) is going to be a bit more agressive and is going to try to coax that little thumb into a more neutral position.

But, overall, we're pretty thrilled with how 7 of 8's arm has responded.

The Botox works by basically paralyzing the muscles that are in constant contraction in 7 of 8's arm. Those contracted muscles stay significantly stronger that the weaker ones and overpower them. The Botox changes the balance of power and allows the weaker muscles a chance to work out.

Kind of like democracy and fascism.

Or maybe not.

But it sounded like an apt metaphor when I first typed it.

We're continuing physical and occupational therapy with her and she is actually starting to do light weight workouts alongside her mother...that would be me. She holds this little one pound hand weight and makes all the appropriate weight-lifting noises her mom makes, as in groan, gasp and whimper.

And I'm doing further reading into how the brain rewires and recovers from stroke.

Our brains are fascinating places. Crazy labyrinths of mystery and miracle.

But for now, this mama will be happy if we can pull of a decent round of 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' hand motions and all.

A step at a time, baby. A step at a time.

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