Julie Lyles Carr: The Bravest Woman in the World...

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Bravest Woman in the World...

Behold the Bravest Woman in the World.
Or the craziest.

That gorgeous girl there on the left has, in the space of two weeks, accompanied me and my little ducklings on not one but two water outings.


My crew and water features.

It makes you feel like a life guard on NoDoze.

NoDoze? You crazy college kids from the '80's remember. NoDoze was the slap-you-upside-the-head with gagillions of milligrams of caffeine per tablet and would make your heart pound and keep you awake for hours and hours while you tried to study for finals while experiencing jitters of a seismic quality.

I scoff at this Red Bull generation.

Back in my day, we knew how to abuse caffeine without red dye #40 and ginseng.

But I digress.

That gorgeous gal in the picture, CB,  is one of my dearest friends and she signed on to host us at her amazing neighborhood water park a couple of weeks ago up in DFW and then invited us to her folks' incredible Hill Country ranch for an afternoon on the river last Friday.

And then she helped me hang on to sunscreen-slippery kids and snacks and potty chairs and toddler fits and all the rest.

She has earned a special crown in Heaven, I just know it.

I'll post pics from our aquatic adventures tomorrow.

But for now, take a moment to reflect.

To reflect on what it takes to recreate with the Octa-clan.

And to reflect on her courage.

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