Julie Lyles Carr: Cool Waters

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cool Waters

It's one of my favorite places on the planet.

The Ranch.

It's owned by some family friends who are generous with its beauty and peace.

We actually evacuated to the Ranch back in 2005 when we were still living on the island and Hurricane Rita was bearing down on us.

We stuffed our cars with wedding albums and family videos and scrapbooks and heirlooms and raced up the freeway. At the appointed exit, we drove down back roads, frequently consulting our directions.

And we then turned off onto a dirt road.

And then we came through a gate.

And we arrived at this miracle of a place.


Fast forward a couple of years and we moved to this region and now live just a short drive from this incredible place.

And it's become the place for happy reunions for our family and our friends.


There's just something about a precious piece of land with a river running through it.

A reprieve from the city, a respite from the heat, a retreat from a storm. It's been all that for us.


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