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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cousin World

This little face is very dear to me.

She's my baby brother's oldest daughter, the birth year buddy of 6 of 8.

She gave us a little scare when she came into the world and introduced us to the amazing and terrifying and incredible place known as the NICU where she stayed for a few weeks.

And that handsome guy up there is her brother. He's Kid #2 in Baby Brother's family and he is a whirl of activity. He is also the resident Star Wars expert in the family.

Expert, I tell ya.

Is this much cuteness legal? Seriously? This is the third kiddo in the family, born the same year as my twins. She's a little ham, always ready with a funny face and hysterical giggle.

Maybe it's a good thing we live 500+ miles apart...I'm thinking these two could combine their cuteness and get away with all kinds of mayhem...


Serious mayhem...

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