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Friday, June 18, 2010

Get Moving!

My affection for JumpStart continues, along with 5 of 8's 'career' as a game reviewer. When JumpStart offered to send us their latest title to review, JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness for Wii, we jumped at the chance...pun intended.
5 of 8 was immediately thrilled that he could choose a variety of locations to 'exercise' in. His younger sisters were insistent that he explore the castle environment, which he obliged. He loved being able to change up the vistas through which he was moving during the various activities.

5 of 8 quickly decided that speed skating was his hands down favorite and figured out how to use out Wii Fit Board in conjunction with the game. The twins will sit for many a minute watching 5 of 8 navigate through a variety of courses.

In addition to the games themselves, JumpStart Get Moving host Brooke Burke pops on screen from time to time with fitness and nutrition tips, which 5 of 8 has enjoyed learning. As the mama, I like the fact that this information is coming from a favorite activity, spurring interesting conversations about health and fitness. 5 of 8 likes to dazzle me with the knowledge he's picking up along the way.

5 of 8 gives JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness a solid thumbs up, with one suggestion; he would like an option to work to a fitness level where you can 'earn' a pet to exercise with you.


Oh the irony, since 5 of 8 has two real live dogs that we have to beg him to walk....

And what would an Octa-JumpStart review be without a little video montage to go along with it? 5, 6, 7 and 8 of 8 populated the camera lens for this latest edition of silliness, drama and overacting...all in the name of promoting a great game...

JumpStart Get Moving is available this week in stores for $29.99 and should provide many a moving entertainment for those times this summer when you hear the words, "Mom, I'm bored!"  But get this;  the JumpStart folks are also giving away a copy of the game to one lucky Octamom reader!  So get your typing fingers ready, comment below, Tweet it, FB it, and head to the JumpStart site for more entries!  The winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 23rd!  Good luck!

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