Julie Lyles Carr: Green Beans and the Ham

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Beans and the Ham

8of8 ham
It started as a usual Tuesday night
He had no idea it would end up in a fight
But his mother was the veggie-feeding type
And she served him green beans and started his plight.

"No, no," he declared, lips pursed in disgust.
"I won't eat these!" he stated and reach for another bread crust.
"But if you want bread, then eat them you must,"
Countered his mother, all bluster and fluff.

He kept his eyes on her face as he reached for the plate.
Then he lifted the platter and tossed it straight
Straight across the table, sealing his fate
Because the battle was on, she had taken the bait.

8of8 ham2

Green beans were counted and the timer was set
The Ham must consume them fast or regret
That he had declared this tete-a-tete
The seconds ticked on as his bean quota was not met.

Strategy was needed and needed quick
He changed schemes, charming up a bit
A giggle, a smile, a plea for a kiss
Surely she would cave in this avalanche of wit.

ham green beans
But solid she stood, unwavering her stance
And they began the Green Bean dance
"Just four more bites," she would say, giving a tough glance.
"No!" he would reply, his eyes askance.

The evening wore on, all other children fed.
Would this go on until time for bed?
Then the mother tried another option instead
Gathering butter and vanilla, "cookies," she said.

The other children flocked to the kitchen in droves
While the Ham sat at the table with his beans, quite morose
He hadn't foreseen this plot twist, although
He felt honor-bound to continue his bean boasts.

But the wafting smell of chocolate and batter
Stirred up his soul and made the Bean War a matter
Of knowing when one has been beaten with chatter
Of warm chocolate chip cookies served on a platter.

He scrunched up his face and averted his eyes
And picked up four green beans of medium size.
He stuffed them in his mouth, in spite of his taste buds' cries
Because he knew that cookies would be his prize.

8of8 ham3

Some call it bribery, some call it extortion
But his mother knows, whether by crook or distortion
That she won the war, he ate his green bean portion
And he knows that stubbornness won him home-baked confection.

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