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Friday, June 25, 2010

Laundry...Old School

Creative I can deal with.

Lightning fast I can cope with.

But when these attributes are combined into one entity and then multiplied by two in the synapses of the twins, well, I feel a little behind the eight ball.

Behold my tale of laundry woe.

The twins are obsessed with taking baths right now. Morning, noon and night. And at snack times.

And after watching Dora.


My general attitude toward bath time is that it's a nice confluence of my goals and their goals. My goal: they are contained. Their goal: they can splash. My goal: they get clean. Their goal: they can splash. My goal: I know where they are. Their goal: they can splash.

You see how nicely all these goals dovetail.

But the quantity of their bath time water needs is a bit draining on Ye Ol' Budget, seeing as how we live in an uber green/recycle-mania/preservation/hippy-come-new-ager kind of town. And part of how a community protects resources like water is to charge a lot for it.

A lot.

So I've been trying to accommodate their bathing needs with more shallow tub fillings. And then we sometimes reuse the water from a previous bath.

I just say it's an indoor pool for those sessions.

And pool water is supposed to be cold refreshing.

Yesterday the twins once again asked for a bath after lunch. I filled the tub in our master bath, checked on 6 of 8's math facts page, put the twins in the tub, hung my head around the corner to make sure 5 of 8 was working on his story problems, straightened up in the bathroom, answered a couple of math questions for 6 of 8 and contemplated making my bed.

Given that it was already early afternoon, it seemed counter-productive to make the bed. But then, that argument could work everyday as a reason to never make the bed. Since I like to sleep in it and all. And I'm just going to mess it up again.  Is bed making futile?  It's a question for another post, I suppose.

5 and 6 of 8 had a row out at the school table and I stuck my head around the corner again to play referee. As I toggled between the world of Bath and the world of Math, I could hear giggles erupting behind me in the master bath.

Hysterical giggles.

And lots of splashing.

I finished my peace-making efforts between 5 and 6 of 8 and spun around to discover this:

That would be the laundry from the laundry hamper.

Placed in the bathtub.

And completely immersed.


I was furious.

So I grabbed the camera.

And the twins had the audacity to say, "Cheese!"

And may I just state for the record, soaked laundry is very, very heavy. And it takes a long time to wring it all out. And then one must deal with the moral question, "So do I put this in the washing machine, where it was originally headed, or, given that it has been soaked in the baby bath, should it go directly to the dryer?"

It went into the washing machine, if inquiring minds want to know.

And may I just say, given my shot at handwashing eight pounds of laundry, I am exceedingly grateful for Whirlpool, Kenmore and Maytag. Theirs is a noble work.


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