Julie Lyles Carr: The Mother Load

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Mother Load

spin cycle
You don't want to go it alone in this mothering thing.

Turns out, that when Jesus said that His load was light, not heavy, He was even talking about the mommy duties of laundry.

And toddlers.

And vacuuming.

We often forget to invite Him into the to-do items that make up the fabric of our days as moms. We begin running through our liturgies of chores while suspending our liturgies with Him to a more quiet time, a calmer time.

A time that often doesn't come in the hectic momentum of the day.

Hence, a handy little reminder.

In the form of a devotional book specifically for moms.

Hello, Jen Hatmaker.

Jen is an author, speaker, teacher and, oh yeah, a mom. Her latest book, Out of the Spin Cycle, is a devotional that reminds us to bring Jesus into our every day daily-ness. Through Jen's humor, wisdom and heart, she awakens our mommy sleep-deprived vision to see the holy in the routine habits of our days, to see the sacred in the things that can seem simple or stale.

Like spiritual cucumber slices rejuvenating tired eyes.

Jen writes on those topics that tend to collect in the hampers of our hearts, worry, comparison, marriage issues, discipline. Her fabric softener blend of humor, insight and grace helps infuse new aroma into our robes of righteousness, those robes that can sometimes get a little starchy or dingy. And she somehow does this while making you laugh out loud.

It's a good read, girls.

So to celebrate Jen's latest tome, let's throw a little giveaway, shall we? Head over to this link on Jen's newest book, peruse around, then come back here and post a little comment about those areas in your days where you need refreshing.  Tweet and FB for additional entries.  And to gain yet another entry, head over to Jen's website to see more of her writing and teaching.  The giveaway will close on Tuesday, June 22.

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