Julie Lyles Carr: Tour Finale

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tour Finale

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We're about to wrap up this session of the Summer Grand Tour.
Why is it that I come home from these 'vacations' more tired than when I left?

2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of 8 have been at MiMi and PaPa camp, that annual extravaganza my in-laws throw up at Grand Lake in Oklahoma for the grandkids ages five and up.

I've been holding Potty Camp for the twins at my parents' house, keeping their washing machine running continually along with draining my stores of patience.
It's been a good trip.

My kids have been able to see some of their cousins and all their grandparents and their great-grandmother. It makes the miles and packing and planning all worth it.

I was raised moving around from state to state and spending summers heading to see my grandparents in Mississippi.

And now I find the pattern repeated for my kids, although Mississippi has been exchanged for Oklahoma.

There are sweet memories to be made on these grand tours. Piles of cousins sleeping on pallets of quilts on the dining room floor. Luggage stacked in all the corners. Buckets of my and my brothers' old toys pulled out of closets, given new life in the hands of our children

And just like our childhood summers, my precious grandmother, now in her nineties, watching it all.

Oklahoma pilgrimage. As much a part of summer for our family now as watermelon and mosquito bites.

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