Julie Lyles Carr: Well, Thank Goodness For That...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, Thank Goodness For That...

6 of 8a
More deep thoughts from 6 of 8:

"Mom, I'm so glad that LP (one of her BFFs) and me are not total girly girls."

(me) "Oh, yeah?"

(6 of 8) "Yeah. We both love clothes and we love shoes and we love nail polish and we love lip gloss....so that makes us about 10% girly girl..."

(me) "Um, what would make someone totally girly girl? What would take up the other 90% for someone to be a 'total girly girl'?"

(6 of 8, slightly exasperated that she has to walk me through this obvious calculation) "Mom, me and LP like to go outside! Total girly girls don't like to go outside. Thank goodness LP and I like the outside, 'cuz that way we're not total girly girls!"

Yes, well, thank goodness for that....

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