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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whatever Happened?.....

...to those giveaway winners?
Well, they're right here, of course!

spin cycle
Congratulations to Crystal Bleu of Just Plain AuD! You're the winner of the JumpStart Get Moving Wii game! I love the title of Crystal's blog--she's an audiologist. How clever is that! And Crystal, maybe that new Wii game will get you all ship-shape for that upcoming triathlon!

And another congrats goes out to Alex Accornero! She's the winner of the newest Jen Hatmaker book, Out of the Spin Cycle. Alex is studying to be a labor and delivery nurse (I have a personal deep affection for labor and delivery RNs, seeing as how I've spent some real quality time with them) and Jen's book is a great resource for all things Mommy!

Ladies, just drop me a line at octamom@octamom.com and we'll get your goodies right out to you!

And, shhhhhh, don't tell anybody, but I've got some great new giveaways coming up shortly. Stay tuned!

In unrelated news, 7 of 8 underwent another therapeutic Botox treatment yesterday and did very well.  She handled the general anesthesia just fine and was a pretty happy little girl the rest of the day--whew!  We're excited to see what further progress we can make with her arm in the upcoming weeks.  Her neurologist was a little more aggressive this time with the injections and also targeted her hand and abducted thumb.  Thanks again for thinking of her and for your prayers.  We're really thrilled with the difference the Botox and continued physical and occupational therapy make!
7of8 bw

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