Julie Lyles Carr: NYC

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


arrive nyc

It's true.
2 of 8 is now a New Yorker.

For a little while.

She's off at the Big Ballet Company, figuring out the subway, navigating the city.


Michael flew in with her to get her settled and show her some sites. And the guy deserves some kudos because he missed the live broadcast of the World Cup Final in order to do all that.

And Michael is all about soccer.

And was before the rest of the U.S. and Bill Clinton and John Travolta decided it was kinda hip.

Michael is a trend setter.

My friend Summer sent me a great link for the cameras that are situated in Times Square so that we could see Mike and 2 of 8 in full tourist action.  When Mike and 1 of 8 went to NYC three years ago, we were able to see them on a similar camera but the quality is even better now, with more cameras set up to catch all the activity.

nyc cam1

In this age of Skype video calls, it was hard for my little people to understand that Mike and 2 couldn't 'see them back'...

nyc cam2

But it did this mama's heart good to see them waving at the camera while talking to us on the cell phone, 2 of 8 doing some dance moves for us amidst the crowds.  It was about 10pm EST when they called and Times Square was still packed with pedestrians and strollers and little kids and older people, all enjoying the lights and music.

And it made us all feel a little like we were able to tag along as 2 of 8 takes her first bite of the Big Apple.

The miles don't feel quite so long.

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