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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Office

Michael and I have been sharing an office for quite a while now.
The home office.

We have a huge desk that we share. He sits on one side, I sit on the other.

It used to be a door.

And now it's our desk.

We are nothing if not recyclers.

I don't believe it...'recyclers' did not trigger spellcheck. Although 'spellcheck' does.

Our office furnishings are cobbled together from odds and ends of other houses and other uses. I'd like to come up with a more cohesive look.

But I'm designing a work space for two very different people. Mike would be totally happy with a card table and some cardboard boxes to 'file' into.

And I'd like for it to look exactly like Centsational Girl's home office.

Although it's hard to imagine anything white in my house lasting for very long.

I was invited to peruse Overstock.com's selection of office items and I quickly found some things that I've been crushing on ever since.

Check out this Office Furniture...

Love. Love. Love.

And then there's this lamp from home lighting...

But if I go all crystal and white, I have a feeling Mike's going to, ah, feel a little left out of the design concept.

Or not.

Because he might not even notice.

But in case he did, I also found this lamp in the collection that had a cool Asian look to it.

Somehow I am going to figure out how to work Michael's preference for dark woods and accents into my love for light and white and cream. But I do think my guy would look pretty spiffy sitting behind this desk, again from the office furniture collection.

Of course, no shared office would be complete without a pair of these...

It's a natural progression for me...think about work, think about shoes. Think about groceries, think about shoes. Think about much of anything...and my mind drifts back to shoes.

Which is why Mike and I are still sharing a door/desk.

But I'm wearing some great shoes.

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