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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Running Buddy

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This guy has been going running with his dear old mom.

And I think that after the lactic acid stops torturing him, he's going to like it.

3 of 8 has long been my chaperon as I run, but until recently, he most frequently manned that post from the seat of his bike.

And prior to that, it was from the seat of a stroller.

He's got the heart of a distance athlete, I think.

He likes the challenge, the head game.

And I like having time with him doing one of my favorite things. I like being able to show him my different running routes, I like talking distance and stride and foot strike with him.

There's great joy in sharing something you love with someone you love.

Kristin Armstrong has a great blog post over at Runnersworld about running with her kids that beautifully sums up the emotion.

And in posting about running, it makes me realize that A. I haven't yet written about how I got into running and I promised a couple of you I would, B. I still haven't posted the quiche recipe, and C. I still haven't posted about my current stash of homeschool curriculum like I told a couple more of you I would.

I'll get there, you'll see.

But I just might have to go running with 3 of 8 first.

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