Julie Lyles Carr: Sunday Selah

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Selah

A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.
Galations 5:9
It started slowly.

My computer, I mean.

Over the past couple of weeks, when I would turn it on, it would seem to take a while to run through its cycles, screens and waiting icons whirring endlessly.

But eventually it would flash to life. I kept thinking I needed to defrag the hard drive, move some files that were eating up memory, do a quick security scan.

You know, some day. When I had a little more time.

By Friday morning, all I could coax out of my laptop was a blank screen.

Not good.

Particularly with all kinds of photography and writing hidden within the silicon chips.

Friday turned into a long day.

I frantically got the computer opened into safe mode and began copying and moving files as quickly as possible. I tried 'system restore' multiple times. I searched online on 3 of 8's computer for fixes and magic buttons to try.

All to no avail.

From what I could tell, a little pesky, fractured update had rendered my powerful machine into a cyber mess.

One little corrupted file.

Clogging the whole system.

And it got me to thinking, as I sat for many a long hour, monitoring file transfers.

It got me to contemplating my inner life.

Where are the areas that sneaky little fragmented bits of sin are sneaking into my own life?

For many of us, major system viruses on our computer aren't too much of a threat. We download security systems, avoid risky sites or downloads and frequent safe browsers.

And we assume those measures keep our operating systems pure.

But all it takes to hamper the whole system is a strategically placed, small corrupted file. And a dual core processor can be brought to its knees and find all the information stored there in danger of being compromised.

And so it is with our hearts.

Just a little collection of little sins, lurking along the edges of what can look like a successful life.

I attended a powerful ministry retreat yesterday and heard a fantastic teaching on the importance of the inner life and outer ministry. The importance of our inner lives being held to a high standard if we are in public ministry. The importance of our private walk with God being a mirror of the outer walk we exhibit. And given my recent computer issues, I found the timing quite apropos.

It is so easy to ignore or excuse those little things that don't seem so awful in the big scheme of things. Those little habits or temper flairs or blue jokes or what have you that don't make up the bulk of your daily life. They're just little blips, barely a dot on the moral screen.

But could those drops of demerit, those seemingly inconsequential errs be a possible pollutant to the desired purity of our hearts? Could they be the white noise in the background of our souls, dampening the clear voice of the Father?

Just maybe?

I'm mopping up my hard drive, repairing fractured programs, searching for secret software schisms.

And while I'm at it, as I wait on programs to download and scanners to scan, I'm going to spend a little time doing the same in the RAM of my heart.

Looking for a little lurking leaven.

And scrubbing it down.


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