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Thursday, July 22, 2010

These Two

1/8 & nick color
These two.

What do you say about two people who have been best buddies/nerds together for many a year?

And then discover that they might have the eensy-teensiest little crush on each other?

That isn't so eensy anymore?

I was excited to take pictures of these two when Da Boy came to visit this past week. As I looked through the lens of my beloved Canon at these two beloved faces, it made me a bit misty.

1/8 and nick  3
But, thankfully, before I got too choked up, I harkened back to their early tween days...



So shots like that one keep me from getting too mushy.

1/8 nick 5


1/8 nick6

I'm thinking a big ol' crush on your best friend is a pretty spectacular thing...

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