Julie Lyles Carr: 3 of 8, Y2K Edition

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 of 8, Y2K Edition

3/8 y2k1
I trapped some good friends at the house the other night with promises of a home-cooked meal and some good laughs (hi, LL and KL!). They fell for it and ended up patiently watching me go through old pictures of the kids.

It's just more fun to go through old pictures with an audience.

But it is hard to get folks to come over for dinner again once you pull this stunt on them.

I came across a set of photos from 2000 when I was still shooting film on my Pentax. And as I typed this sentence, it just dawned on me that it means these pictures are ten years old.


I am in some weird time warp where I still think it's 2002. And thinking I'm still in my thirties.

In this set of photos, we had traveled up to the lake and had met my two brothers and their wives there. At this time, Mike and I had four kids, R & J had one and Baby Brother and T had a dog.

Which means, collectively, this was ten kids ago for us all. And we all still fit in the cabin.

3/8/ y2k2
That amazing tuft of hair sticking straight up? That's 3 of 8 incredible cowlick. He now styles around it so it's not so obvious, but back in the day, this was his signature look.

3/8 y2k3
I can remember chastising myself from time to time, with our budget tight and the kids so small, that I was spending too much money on film and development. I would look at the line item expenditure and scold myself and think that I would take fewer pictures, be more selective in my shots, take one or two shots instead or five or six or seven of the same pose.

I am so glad I ignored myself and kept taking pictures.

3/8 y2k4
Because every time I dig back through old photos, I always find treasure.

3/8 y2k5

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