Julie Lyles Carr: Harvard-Bound

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


That picture above? We were trying to get our family portrait for our Christmas cards done. Before you go 'boo-hissing' me, remember, 1 of 8 heads to the Sorbonne next week and won't be home until the temperatures in our neck of the woods have dropped to a chilly 60 degrees or so...

Nothing like Texas in the winter time.

That's what I keep telling myself in these 106 degree days...

That said, in the spirit of higher education, wanted to a ask a big favor of you. This is your chance to go all Harvard. I was contacted by a researcher who is compiling information on babysitting trends in America and she asked if I would be willing to post a survey they are using to gather info.

And since the Octa-tribe has a plethora of both sitters and sittees, I was more than happy to oblige.

So if you could take a sec to click on this link and answer a few questions, I'd be so proud. The survey does not ask any personal information and is very short. And then you can tell everyone who took part in a Harvard study. And they'll think you're all swanky.

And then you can get back to composing your family Christmas portrait....

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