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Thursday, August 26, 2010


family pic
Visions of Sugar Plums danced in my head yesterday.

It was probably the heat.

The AC for the house took a look at the projected temps for the week, through up its metaphorical hands and gave up the cooling ghost.

Or something like that.

AC units and their various components seem to have shorter life spans in Texas. Or maybe they have a union and decide to strike in July and August.

I sure have been seeing a lot of HVAC service trucks in the neighborhood this week.

As the afternoon boiled on, my amazing neighbor JT had pity on us and invited us down to swim. We ditched our school books, called this swim invite a study in community and ran on down. We soaked in the cool climes of captured water.

3 of 8 said of JT: "She sure is brave to have all of us come down at once."

Yes, she is.

We are eminently blessed with brave, brave neighbors, who witness all the Octa-tribe busy-ness and messiness and still have us over and love on our kids and laugh at our chaos.

So why the picture above?

It's an old Lamaze technique.

That's a shot from our family portrait session earlier this week. And I just kept focusing on it yesterday in the heat, a focal point of sorts, just trying to keep my breathing steady. And thinking of Christmas. And Sugar Plums.

And brave neighbors.

And heroes called HVAC service guys.

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