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Monday, August 9, 2010


So the gang all gathered in Salado, Texas this weekend...
Well, most of the gang.

We have to have a group boo-hiss for a particular airline. FlyGirl sat at the airport in Atlanta for hour upon hour upon hour on Friday, waiting to fly to the blog reunion. The airline would say that there was a delay that would quickly be resolved. And then they would say that a new aircraft was being brought in. And then they would say that there was a flight crew issue, until, after something like six hours, they finally cancelled the flight.

So FlyGirl didn't get to come.

And we all pouted a bit.

And that airline's name starts with a D.

Just so you know.

But we made the best of things. 4 of 8 and I joined up with the group for a few hours on Saturday. MommyVictory, MirusPeg and AVT Coach all stayed in a darling bed and breakfast in the village of Salado, a fabulous shopping and strolling town. We enjoyed a great lunch and lots of conversation and laughs, followed by some shopping.

And it was wonderful to see 4 of 8 and AVT Coach resume their beautiful relationship of student and coach. 4 of 8 has been working with AVT Coach for nine years now, learning to listen and talk through AVT Coach's phenomenal guidance. It a unique experience, to be so grateful for someone's expertise and professionalism.

And then to just love 'em so much as a person. AVT Coach, you are our hero and we love you dearly.

I thought I would repost for posterity here one of the early scrapblogs that brought MirusPeg, FlyGirl, MommyVictory, AVT Coach and I all into contact with each other. And FlyGirl, we'll get sit across a cafe table from you one of these days, face to face.

And we'll make sure you're flying one of those other airlines whose names start with an A or an S or something like that...

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