Julie Lyles Carr: Meet Me in Salado...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meet Me in Salado...

If you're ever down the Central Texas way, you need to hop off 1-35 at the 284 exit.

Because that's where Salado is.

Darling, darling, and the perfect spot for a blog buddy meet-up.

If you can get your blog buddies from Australia to fly in. Which MirusPeg did.

Love that girl.

I've passed Salado numerous, numerous times in my hikes back to Tulsa from the island and from my weird city. But I'd never stopped in, until our blog buddy reunion this weekend.

I'll be heading back, I tell you.

The shopping is amazing and Salado has a western charm all its own.

I even became enamored with the street lights...

Did you check out that patina? I knew you'd understand.

Of course, this was my favorite site of all...


So, remember, Salado.  Exit 284.

And then remember exit 200...because that's where the San Marco outlet mall is.  And it doesn't have patina or artistically peeling paint or little cafes.

But it does have outlet stores...lots of them.

Exit 284.  Exit 200.  It's all you need to know...

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