Julie Lyles Carr: More Character Development

Friday, August 27, 2010

More Character Development

...or calorie burn.

Or dehydration.

I did a quick run to the beach with the kids yesterday. I learned years ago that the island in the waning days of summer, after the rest of the general population has returned to their usual school schedule, is a delightful, empty place. We threw our beach supplies in the van, toodled down the highway and spent a beautiful afternoon in the sunshine and surf.

And then we came back to the house.

Where the air conditioner had thrown yet another little hissy fit and quit working.

For the second time this week.

And I find myself waiting for an HVAC hero to grace my doorstep.

And I would write a longer post.

But my wrists are sweating. I'm not kidding.

And I'm pretty sure that's not a healthy thing for my computer keyboard.

But I'm not letting the heat cut into my coffee slurping.

Because I am a dedicated java girl.

Even when my wrists are sweating.

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