Julie Lyles Carr: Reunited...Kind Of...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reunited...Kind Of...

The Word for the Year Girls are making their way to my corner of the planet.
What a treat!

MommyVictory of So I Was Just Thinking and MirusPeg from Middle Aged Ramblings and I got to see each other at an event Tuesday evening. MommyVictory hails from this part of the world and I was so excited when I got to meet her in person for the first time back in the spring. MirusPeg has flown in from Australia and I got to see her face to face for the first time Tuesday night.

It is such an incredible experience to get to meet gals you've been sharing experiences and hopes and heart with on line...and then to get to share an evening in each other's presence.

I was also excited that Mike and 1 of 8 got to meet MommyVictory and MirusPeg as well.

Come Saturday, the crew will be complete, with AVT Coach of Living Gratefully and FlyGirl of Moments in Time heading this way.

Somehow, I just know there will be lots of chatter, lots of talk, lots of tea and lots and lots of pictures.

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