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Friday, September 10, 2010

Answered Prayer

You may remember a post from back on Father's Day about my friends and their adoption of two little girls from Uganda.

Back in June, I wrote:

After overcoming some various challenges, things looked like they were settled and my friends prepared to head home with the girls to their other two children, making them a family of six.
Uganda issued passports for the girls and the Ugandan government gave my friends full adoption of the girls in a time when not many adoptions are being allowed. The Ugandan government also issued the girls passports. We were all so thrilled and assumed the hard part was behind us.
Then Russ and Kristi got to our embassy in Uganda to get the girls' visas before flying out.
It seemed like the one easy detail of a long journey.
And yet.
Unfortunately, the US Embassy in Uganda has not issued the visas for the girls. After days and days of waiting, Russ had to make the tough decision to return to the U.S.A without Kristi and the girls. Kristi has now been in Uganda for over two months, several weeks with Russ now stateside, waiting upon the US Embassy's decision about the girls' visas.

Well, here we are in September.  And after five months of paperwork and red tape and heartache and hope and prayer, Kristi and the girls are now safely back in the U.S.  It is my hope to have Kristi guest blog here in the near future and share with you the incredible adventure they have been on.  Suffice it for now to say...

...we are grateful.
And so excited to welcome these precious girls into our community of family and friends.

Many thanks to all of you who have prayed for this precious family, who have emailed me asking for updates, who have extended your hearts and faith to this amazing adoption story.

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