Julie Lyles Carr: Crack of Dawn

Monday, September 27, 2010

Crack of Dawn



I don't know if it's the years I woke up before the rest of humanity to head in to the radio station for the morning show. I don't know if it's the years that I left the house in the dark dark to head to school.

But for whatever the cause, I really prefer my mornings to begin when there is at least a little light on the horizon.

Particularly since I live with a bunch of gerbils who are difficult to convince about the powerful truths of an early bedtime.

If I must arise early, I can be okay with that if I can move a little slowly, take my time, sip my coffee.


I've made something of a truce with early morning and busy.

Kind of.

As JT and I head into the final weeks of our half-marathon training, we've got to hit the pavement early some days. With kid responsibilities and chores and ministry and all the rest, she and I both have days that those miles of training have to get knocked out when it's still a bit dark outside.

And dare I say this?

I think it's good for me.

Good to clock in accomplishment when the day is just starting to bloom. Good for me to arrive back to the house knowing I've got a big item checked off on my list. Good.

And that's the whole point of the distance running training thing anyway, I suppose. Learning I can push myself harder, get myself to do things that aren't in my natural comfort zone or circadian clock.

Of course, it really helps to have JT expecting me....

Because a little web time with a hot cup of coffee and my spot on the couch sounds really good right now...

But I've gotta run.


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