Julie Lyles Carr: Field Trip!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Field Trip!

I'm taking you to Paris this week.


Without any of the inconvenience of that long plane ride.

True to his word, Mike arrived home from France with a file full o'pics.

I was quite delighted.

Mike traveled with 1 of 8 to Paris to get her settled in for a year of study at the Sorbonne. I extracted numerous reassurances that they would take lots of pictures of their time in France together.

And they delivered.

That first picture is of them at the L'Arc de Triomphe. It is a monument to French soldiers, in particular for those who fought during the Napoleonic Wars.

I'm thinking 1 of 8 is already looking pretty French, with her little Audrey Hepburn 'do and her baguette in hand...

And, of course, Mike holding that bottle of Evian makes him look super French too.

It's all about blending in to your surroundings, right?

This was taken on another day from another angle...but it's still my cute honey in front of a major landmark. So I'm posting it.

There will be adventures a'plenty this blog week as I drag you along for Mike's whirlwind tour. And it is a kick to see Mike and 1 of 8 in the city she's been dreaming of for so long.

But I think the thing I love the most from their collection of pictures is seeing them getting to have this experience together, for this first baby of ours who is now a young woman to get to have her daddy join in on this journey that has long been a goal of hers.

Plus I just like looking at pictures of my cute husband.

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