Julie Lyles Carr: Hangin' On

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hangin' On

late summer '10 042
...trying to hang on to summer for just a few more days.

And trying to hang on to that boogie board.

Which seems to have sprouted legs.

late summer '10 044
6 of 8 was just 11 months old when we moved to the island...so she's a true blue beach baby.

late summer '10 043
And 8 of 8 thinks there is no better place for running and jumping and surfing and general all over sandiness....

late summer '10 045
2 of 8 is quite the patient surf instructor...

late summer '10 046
7 of 8 is rocking the Hello Kitty bikini...

late summer '10 048
If I could get the kids to work on their schoolwork as diligently and as long as they did to secure 3 of 8 in the sand, they'd all be in college at the age of nine...

late summer '10 047
I'm looking forward to the cooler climes of fall, to the pumpkins and leaves and candy corn. But these waning days of summer are sweet indeed....

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