Julie Lyles Carr: Home Again

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home Again

mike in nyc
This guy came home from Paris last night.

Paris, France.

Not Paris, Texas.

Around here, simply throwing out the city name of Paris doesn't always make the continent location of that city abundantly clear.

As more proof that I live with people who have the nocturnal metabolism of gerbils, this guy was up for 24 hours getting home, went to bed last night at his usual time and was up and out the door to the office this morning at the crack of dawn.

I, on the other hand, finally got a really good's night sleep. When Mike's away, I stay up until the wee hours rearranging furniture and watching odd documentaries on the history channel. And then I drag around during the day and scold myself because, unlike several members of my family, I do actually require sleep.

So I need Mike as a governor to enforce my bedtime.

Mike tells me that he and 1 of 8 took great pictures in Paris and that he may even be in some of those pictures.

Which would be an improvement over his two trips to NYC this summer, one trip being to get 2 of 8 settled in the Big Apple at Joffrey Ballet and a return trip to visit her.

That snapshot above is the only photographic proof I have of him in NYC with 2 of 8.


That's it.

So I'll be curious to see what kind of camera memory card treasure trove of Paris might be in evidence.

Paris, France, you understand.

Not Paris, Texas.

Just wanting to be clear...

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