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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Wrong

1 of 8 versailles art1
Mike went to Versailles during his time in Paris.

1 of 8 went to Versailles with her visiting BFF a couple of weeks ago.

And among the gilded galleries of that fantastical palace was an art exhibit of, um, video games proportions.

For real.

Yes, it seems that some uber-rich video game character designer had rented him some space at Marie Antoinette's old stomping grounds and set up his fiber glass busts of these guys...

1 of 8 versailled art2
Nothing makes that spotlighted old Pepsi-can-ensconced-in-an-evil-Pac-Man-mouth sparkle like 18th century damask wallpaper behind it...

Maybe I'm not visionary enough. Maybe I'm too predictable in my art display expectations.

But I really hate to see Rococo and Nintendo wrestle like this...

1 of 8 versailled art3
Maybe I'm being a bit hasty in my judgement. After all, that little guy up there does have a crown on his head, in keeping with the royal grounds and all....

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