Julie Lyles Carr: Man of His Word...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Man of His Word...

I asked one thing of Mike when he went to Paris to get 1 of 8 settled in for a year of study.

One thing.

Well, maybe not one thing. Maybe more like several things, kind of.

But this one thing for sure.

Take pictures.

Take pictures that include you and 1 of 8.

I can buy postcards of French notable sites.

I want pictures of you and 1 of 8 actually in France.

He complied.

One day while 1 of 8 was doing some testing, Mike took himself and his camera to Versailles.

And he took pictures of himself at Versailles.

Many, many pictures of himself at Versailles...

He got pretty good at changing up the angles and clicking that little shutter button. Occasionally this meant that a few settings were inadvertently changed...

...but overall, Mike can prove he was at Versailles.

He is a man of his word.

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