Julie Lyles Carr: Not to Whine...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not to Whine...

...but my computer seems to have PMS.

Post Microsoft-Update Syndrome.


I suppose I should have seen the signs.

My hard drive was bloated.

A couple of programs seemed really touchy.


So it's pushed my morning a little late.  My computer wanted nothing to do with internet, just wanted to sulk and eat chocolate.

Oh wait.

Maybe that was me.


I had such plans to be all pithy and witty about some topic.

Of some sort.

But now the clock is ticking and I must needs be brief (that's a stab at sounding all Jane Austen.  How did it work?)

So I'll post this simple portrait of my delight at the cooler morning climes and call it a posting day...


And I'm putting my computer in the corner to think about her bad attitude.  And then I'm looking for some Microsoft Midol....

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