Julie Lyles Carr: Viva La France!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Viva La France!


Talk about letting them spread their wings and fly.

She up and flew all the way to France.

1 of 8 left yesterday for The Continent  to start school.


In my head, I had planned on taking pictures of her with all her siblings and of her in a beautiful beret a precious friend gave to her and of 1 of 8 loading her suitcases into the car and of her checking in at the airport.

And then there was the reality of the scramble to grab everything and get out the door.


All the little kids, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of 8 slept in her bed last night.  They are already missing her.


1 of 8's Mini Me, Miss 7 of 8, refused to hug her sister goodbye.  We had explained to 7 of 8 that 1 was going to the city of 7's favorite movie, American in Paris.  We explained that 1 of 8 was going to that place where Gene Kelly is in the movie (bit of movie trivia: none of American in Paris was actually shot on location in Paris.  You're welcome.).

But 7 of 8 was having none of it.  Wouldn't pose for a photo with 1 of 8.  Wouldn't give her a hug.  Wouldn't wave goodbye.

I thought 7 of 8 must be overcome by 1 leaving.

Until 7 of 8 filled me in later.

As we were driving to an appointment for 7 of 8 yesterday afternoon, she said, "Gene Kelly is MY boy.  Not 1 of 8's!"  And then she went on to tell me how American in Paris is HER movie and again how Gene Kelly is HER boy.

So that was apparently the hiccup in the sentimental goodbye to her oldest sister.

It was a good ol' fashioned cat fight over Gene Kelly.

And Paris.

We'll see who wins.

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