Julie Lyles Carr: What a Competitive Little Bunch You Are....

Friday, September 24, 2010

What a Competitive Little Bunch You Are....

hotel marcel dassault
I had no idea when I posted my innocent little query yesterday that I would set off a web war of stellar proportion.

I might have exaggerated the effect a little in the above sentence.


You all were quite impressive in your quest for 1,000 arbitrary, non-currency, non-redeemable points.

It's inspiring and makes me feel that the free market system is alive and well.

Adam Smith would be so proud.

So to all of you who did the research and found that Mike was standing in front of the Hotel Marcel Dassault, I confer upon you 1,000 points.

And for the rest of you who searched and wailed and tried, do not fear.

We will play 'Where's Mike?' again very soon.

And you will have your chance to shine...

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