Julie Lyles Carr: Wishing Well to Well Wishers

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wishing Well to Well Wishers

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Many thanks to all of you who left such sweet encouragement and lifted prayers for 7 of 8 yesterday. She did very well with the procedure and handled the anesthesia just fine. When I got back to recovery with her, she wanted to get dressed and then said, "Let's get out of here."

Her arm has many more little injection sites than in the past. I'm going to chronicle a little more closely my observations and timelines of this latest procedure.

We are blessed to have a phenomenal children's hospital here in our city and I am always struck with how caring and fun and gentle the whole staff is to these little ones. From bubbles to a toy library to candy flavored anesthesia masks, the entire effort has made 7 of 8 very comfortable when we go there, excited to choose an item to play with from the toy collection and looking forward to a rainbow Popsicle when she wakes up in recovery.

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And she thinks the purple astronaut bear pajamas are the best.

So again, thank you for all your well wishing. It is much appreciated.

Oh a bloggy business note, I apologize for having to turn on comment approval but it couldn't be helped. I know it has made leaving comments for some of you a bit of a challenge. However, some spammer found the Octamom site and began leaving many, many, MANY comments on MANY posts about their products and business. I've reported the issue to Blogger, but am remaining cautious about 'opening up the floor' again, if you will. Thanks for your patience! I do love hearing from you!

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