Julie Lyles Carr: You Say Soccer, Mike Says Football

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Say Soccer, Mike Says Football


My guy Mike got to fulfill a long-time dream whilst in France.


We don't use that word enough in American vernacular.

Whilst, whilst, whilst.

Just trying to make up for lost time here.

So Mike got to fulfill a long-time dream.

Getting to see European soccer while actually in Europe.  In person.

Except they call it football there.

Just to confuse things a bit.


Mike and 1 of 8 headed to Stade de France in Saint-Denis to watch Les Bleus, the French national soccer team. The stadium seats 80,000 fans.

And two of them there were from this household.

And one of them is a rabid soccer fan.


And was long before it became hip to like soccer.

And Mike did predict that Spain would win the World Cup several months before they actually did.

Just sayin'.


1 of 8 was fascinated  by the guys sitting in yellow jackets at the edge of the field, their backs turned away from all the action.

Apparently, they are security and crowd control.

She liked the aesthetic of it, I suppose.


So now Mike can cross a European soccer match off his list.

Now he just has a Spain soccer match...

...and an Arsenal match (that's a British team, for those in the know...)

...and a Brazil match.

One down.

Several to go...


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