Julie Lyles Carr: Any Given Wednesday...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Any Given Wednesday...

1 of 8 haircut1
So yesterday we had 8 of 8 committing self-tattoos.

And today we have 1 of 8 cutting her own bangs.

I think 1 of 8 had better results...

Can you figure out which kid in the above pic is me?


I'll wait.


Bottom right. Pigtails. Plaid skirt.

Circa 1975.

This is 5 of 8's kite. It got stuck in the tree in the front yard early last spring.

It's still there.

So 3 of 8 took a picture of it.

I think I told 5 of 8 it would come down on its own a few days after it got wrapped around that limb.

I think I may have been, ah, in error.

Do you see the stream of continuity amongst these photographs?


Neither do I.

I deem this Random Wednesday.

Is it too obvious that I might have experienced some broken sleep last night?

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