Julie Lyles Carr: Fab and Fav

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fab and Fav

LL color soft bw
I love this girl.

She's one of my favs.

And she's fab.

She and I work together in ministry and she has somehow managed to figure out where my mental bunny trails and meanderings are heading and can put together cogent power points and graphics for me in spite of my randomness.

I dearly appreciate people who deal with my randomness.

But this girl has a secret past.

That's also part of her present.

And future.

She is an actress.

Like, for real.

As in, has actually made movies.

So I was thrilled when she asked me to help her update her headshots recently.

LL upshot color smile cross process
Look at that face, that smile, those eyes.

This kid oughta be in pictures. Which, of course, she is...

LL red shoe bw pop
Now here's a cool little deal.

She has generously sponsored a GIVEAWAY for tomorrow. Yep. A giveaway I'm extremely excited about. Something that relates to her acting career. Something you're going to love.

My creation
So keep pondering this compelling face and come back tomorrow for a fantastic giveaway! See if you can figure out where you know this gorgeous face from.

Oops. Pardon my dangling participle there...

Here's looking at you, Kid!

My creation

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