Julie Lyles Carr: Feelin' Fall

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feelin' Fall

fall decor3
Yes, we're still pegging temps in the high 80's around here.

But that's not going to stop me.

Inside, it's all pumpkins and nutmeg and gourds.

I speak of fall decor.

My fav.

I used to really go all out.

That was before 8 of 8.

And his ceramic pumpkin smashing habits.

I'll have to post some pics of the carnage.

But for now, I pull out the remaining, somewhat scathed collection and put it up on high places...

fall decor2
Things are generally somewhat safer in our dining room.

Our dining table was Mike's Grammy's. The first autumn that Mike and I were dating, he invited me to spend Thanksgiving with he and his family up at their lake cabin. This was the table we gathered around for Thanksgiving dinner, a circle of faces who would become my family.

Not that I knew it at the time.

I just knew that I thought Mike was hot.

The picture above my fall display is one that hung in my grandmother's dining room. And then my mother's. And now mine.

fall decor1
I found these apothecary jars at a tiny hovel on an antique shop in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas. They apparently were previously owned by a country doctor, well beloved in the community as healer and counselor.

Oh, wait.

Um, actually, nope.

I bought 'em at Costco.

But maybe they'll be antiques one day. If I can keep 8 of 8 away from them. Maybe they'll sit in my great-granddaughter's dining room and she'll write a blog post about heirlooms and dining rooms and apothecary jars that her great-grandmother bought at a quaint little general store called Costco.

And her dinner guests will oh-and-ah.

If I can just keep 8 of 8 away from them today.

fall decor3
This buffet that all my fall decor sits upon in my dresser. Yes, it is. Yes, my pajamas and tank tops are stored within.

But it's the perfect height and size for this room. And I don't mind coming in here to find my clothes.

And yes, I do understand your concerns about efficiency and the general unease you have with my unmentionables being stored in the dining room. But for now, until I find the perfect buffet in a little hovel of an antique shop in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas, this will have to suffice.

Or until Costco carries something that will fit here.

And the Venetian plaster treatment on the walls? I know!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I'm so glad you like it.

Here's how I created that plaster look.

I edited the photo in Picnik.  And they have this new 'texture' feature.  And you can slap it on your photos.  And make anything look all Venetian plaster-y.  Easiest home improvement project I've ever done...

So what are you doing for fall?

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