Julie Lyles Carr: I Asked, You Delivered!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Asked, You Delivered!

Wowza! You all are a helpful bunch!

I was absolutely inspired by your ideas about my out-of-control children's wardrobe collection. And even if you didn't offer suggestions, just commiserating with me was helpful too!

The one message that came through loud and clear was the success of the minimalist approach~~a firm number of outfits with boundaries put on the size of the 'collection'. I have to laugh at myself~~one area where I am ridiculously unrealistic is in little girls' dressy dresses. Understand, we have lived in uber-casual cities the last seven years. Yet, to gauge from the number of frills and chiffon and netted petticoats, you would think my little girls frequent the courts of the French palaces of old. Exactly where do I think these kids are going?

I find that my other downfall is that I have wardrobe items that literally stretch back to when 1 of 8 was a toddler in the early 1990's, complete with Battenburg collars and huge rose fabric patterns. 7 of 8 is already very clear in her own mind that she doesn't want to be a walking time capsule, no matter what the original cost of that Laura Ashley confection might have been.

So I'm culling, culling once again. And I'm getting really extreme about it. And you've helped me. And I've moved the four youngest kids' clothes down to the master closet where I've had to thin out their wardrobes in order to coexist with mine.

And I've put a lock on the master closet door.

I kid you not.

Extreme wardrobe organization calls for extreme measures.

When it comes to the big family thing, there really wasn't a lot in my background to prepare me. I am one of three siblings, Mike is one of two. Houses and storage and closets and cars are built for families like that. It's a unique and never-ending challenge to re-purpose all manner of construction and transportation and grocery store purchases into usable conveniences for us.

And I'm no Martha Stewart.

And I'd rather be reading and writing and taking pictures than folding laundry.

So you see my conundrum.

So thank you, thank you again for taking time to comment yesterday. If those of you who have two or three kids obviously see the advantages of keeping things to a minimum, how much more so should I follow that philosophy?!? (That's what we call a rhetorical question...)

So a-sortin' I will go.

And if you see my girls at the grocery store with me in super frilly Easter dresses with all the trimmings, well, you have my permission to scold me....

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