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Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm chugging my coffee, watching the sky pink up as I type, getting ready to head out on my last long training run before the race next week.

The training schedule JT and I have followed took us on our longest run a couple of weeks ago, 12 miles, just a mile and a tenth short of the actual race.

Over these last two weeks, our mileage has tapered down, with this final long training run being 8 miles. We'll do a couple of easy 3 milers and one 2 miler next week before we run the banks of the Guadalupe River.

Which begs the question...what next?

JT and I have both discussed how motivating it is to have the goal of a race out there. We've both laughed at ourselves at the powerful governor it is to be able to check each mileage run off our little computer print-out charts. With some amazing events coming up in JT's life in the next few months (details and pictures to come, right JT?), it seems unlikely we'll get another 1/2 marathon booked before next spring.

But I sure don't want to let go of the base we've built.

And it's clear I'm willing to put in some serious effort into getting to check off incremental goals on a little sheet of paper.

But for this morning, I'm going to head out with my running buddy JT. We're going to talk, she's going to follow my randomness and pull me out of traffic and I'm going to sip some coffee and take an Advil around mile 6. I'm going to enjoy the camaraderie and the shared goal and the faster pace up the hills. And I'm going to think again about how sweet and dear this little Friday routine of a long run with JT has become to me.

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